XXIII World Congress of Neurology

The World Federation of Neurology (WFN), held its annual Congress on September 16-21, 2017, in Kyoto, Japan with the theme “Defining the Future of Neurology”.

The congress not only included an extensive education and training programme, but it focused on boosting treatment standards globally. Kenes Group, a leading Professional Conference Organiser (PCO), worked closely with WFN towards their goal of defining the future of neurological care worldwide.

WCN brought together leading scientists, public health experts and policy-makers to translate recent scientific advances into action and address the means of how to better global treatment standards within the current context of significant global economic challenges. The event was challenged with the heightened political situation in the region just a few weeks before it opened its doors, as well a typhoon striking Kyoto during the event. No matter the challenges, the event that was planned to welcome 6,000 people, successfully hosted more than 8,600 people from 121 countries, showcasing that externalities cannot disrupt the advancement and collaborations in the field of neurology.

Three Nobel Prize laureates addressed the audience, and WCN showcased that a top scientific programme, one designed to advance the field across borders, will always be a top motivator for attendees to attend. “When it comes to receiving the best possible treatment, the deciding factor cannot be dependent on where a patient is born or where they reside.” This was a central message from the Secretary General of the World Federation of Neurology (WFN), Prof Dr Wolfgang Grisold at the XXIII World Congress of Neurology in Kyoto. “One of the WFN’s most important goals is to help by bringing about improved neurological care worldwide.”

Tami Gaon, Senior Account Manager at Kenes Group added: ”For our team, it was a true experience and honour to serve WFN and to reach so successfully their goal for this year’s meeting. Despite the many challenges we faced, together with our outstanding partners on the ground, we managed to exceed everyone’s expectations. As a PCO, we have the task to provide the platform for all leading scientists to meet and focus on advancing the neurology field for the betterment of all of us. I am proud to say that we managed to do that successfully, enabling the successful exchange of ideas of all delegates.

The next edition of the World Congress of Neurology will take place in Dubai, 2019.