Conventa Trend Bar 2017
Photo credit: Conventa Trend Bar 2017

More than 20 event organisers, hoteliers and other meetings industry professionals attended Belgrade’s Conventa Trend Bar 2017. The gathering was held in a very relaxed and interactive format that was greatly enriched by the creative arrangement of space and the superior catering by Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel, Belgrade. The congress hall was turned into a very pleasant living room specifically for the occasion in question.

The co-founder of the Conventa trade show, Gorazd Čad, warmed up attendees with a »Power to the Meetings« concept presentation. This was followed up by Macedonian event cook Vartan Sumerjan presenting his recipes for a successful event. During the three hours of socializing, attendees got the see what makes events like the Conventa trade show and Conventa Crossover so different and interactive, with a huge added value. By the close of the event, each participant wrapped up with one idea on how and what to change at their next event with the aim of making it different and more interactive.

Of the content from the debate and presentations there are really many highlights, but focussing on just a few…
We learned that the power of personal contact between participants and organisers is at the core of our thinking. You can call this live experience, human2human marketing, experience marketing… However you name it, we all love to look at and create a unique experience that is nothing other than authentic and spiced up with nostalgic stories.
The Power to the Meetings way of organising events is based on making great stories and making guests feel like they’re at home by the fireplace – case studies have shown that Slovenians, as well as European participants, feel best in a casual and relaxed environment.

Whilst imagining being next to the fireplace at an event, can you imagine this scene without music? Of course not, as music is an essential part of any event, setting the tone and creating harmony. And what else is an essential part of an event? Having an appropriate moderator who will connect the programme segments, of course, which is crucial for the success of an event – trust us! The moderator can either elevate attendees or leave them intact.

And there’s more – have you ever heard about sustainability? Let’s no longer use it as a buzzword, as our participants and our lifestyle crave for green services that should be intelligently delivered. Participants are always seeking added value – and this is not just about the sustainable offer, it’s literally about giving back. An event is a marketing and sales investment. As with any investment, one should expect a return. Do it the way you should – keep it relaxed, in a pleasant atmosphere, give attendees what they crave – knowledge, good case practices, and a wide network!

Let’s meet in again in January in Ljubljana, at the 10th edition of the Conventa trade show – invest in your future and in your business!