Photo credit: Municipality of Ljubljana

Key findings of the research show positive attitude of the citizens of Ljubljana regarding tourism since 91% believe that the development of tourism contributes to the development of Ljubljana. 53% are convinced that the community benefits from tourism and 32% think that growing figures help develop the local economy. 72% of the inhabitants partly agree with claims that shopping, restaurants, and entertainment improved due to tourism and 66% acknowledge that tourism enhances the quality of living in Ljubljana and that the offer of local food in restaurants is good.

One-fifth of Ljubljana’s inhabitants is not disturbed by anything in the city centre. One-tenth of Ljubljana’s inhabitants and one-tenth of the residents of the city centre list a number of tourists as a possible disturbing element. Their main complaints refer to crowded areas, tourists’ behavior (e.g. noise, waste, damage) and adapting offers and prices to tourists, loss of city’s identity and lower quality of life. 7% of the citizens are not in favor the Airbnb apartment rental.

One-third of Ljubljana’s inhabitants feel there is nothing missing in the city centre, which is a considerably better result than in 2016. The remainder of respondents feels there could be more events (15%) and green areas (14%), and less traffic (11%) and shops (11%). Less frequently stated elements that inhabitants feel are lacking include parking places (7%), cuisine, bars and restaurants (5%), peace and quiet (3%), and more appropriate opening hours (3%). Those who live in the city centre itself miss events, entertainment, green areas, benches, and bathrooms to a lesser extent than the inhabitants of Ljubljana in general, but would like to see more shops, parking places, and peace and quiet.

In general, more than 40% of the citizens of Ljubljana believe that tourism has a major positive effect on the characteristics and local identity, culture, and heritage of Ljubljana, while less than a third of those who live in the city centre are of the same opinion.

More than of one-third of townspeople are satisfied with the inclusion of the local population in the development of tourism, and with the fact that the quality of their life is taken into account in the planning of tourism in Ljubljana.

The City of Ljubljana is aware of the exceptional importance of the coexistence of its inhabitants and visitors, which is in line with the city’s strategy for the sustainable development of tourism. Ljubljana Tourism will, therefore, organise a series of workshops for townspeople, with the aim of exchanging opinions and searching for answers to challenges in the future.

The survey element of the research was conducted over two week-long periods between 17 July and 13 August 2017 based on the general population of Ljubljana, aged 15 to 75 years.