FABRIKA beer pub
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400 meters or to say 5 minutes’ walk from the Bratislava Old Town, one would find one of the best beer pubs in Bratislava – FABRIKA beer pub. Even when traveling to Bratislava by train – do not worry! The train station is only 10 minutes away if reaching it by foot, one just needs to walk towards the city and look for the Loft Hotel, since the beer pub is located in the same building.


The FABRIKA beer pub consists of two parts – restaurant and coffee & wine lounge. While both of the venues are available for hosting an event, we would highly recommend for you to decide on the coffee & wine lounge since it can be privatized for a group up to 40 people if seating.

One of the advantages of the venue is definitely the interior, which is also a priority number one at the FABRIKA beer pub. The layout and décor of the venue live in a harmony to provide you with the best experience while being their guest. The charming atmosphere makes the whole experience even better, and so does the stylish and extremely professional staff.


As the name of the venue tells by itself, they will cater to all your wishes. Moreover, they have the beer, too (automatically served with peanuts)! Well, it actually is their main offer. If you are not such beer fan, do not worry, they also offer more than 200 sorts of selected wines from all around the globe with a strong presence of the best Slovak wine producers.
While the decision of the drinks will not be so difficult, the decision on the food can be a bit tougher. They offer meals that make a perfect pair with beer, such as various finger food options, from beer cheese, potato pancakes, baguettes, white pudding, fried onion rings, nuggets, burgers, stakes and similar. Some goulash, pasta, and fish & chips can also be found on the menu, next to the salads and soups.
To sum it up – at FABRIKA each one would find something for its taste. They are happy to prepare also a group offer and menu, prepared by the clients’ wishes. Nevertheless, our top pick would definitely be beer & burger. Classic, top-notch and still surprisingly different for your next meeting.

Photo credit: FABRIKA beer pub


FABRIKA is the home of the home-brewed beer. And drinking beer straight from the source is a dream of each and every beer lover, isn’t it? So decide for a beer tasting with a bit of a guided tour, to get the insiders information on this holy drink. They offer several of their own draft beers, such as FABRIKA F 12°, which is a Pilsner type lager made of Moravian barley and Czech hops and brewed and FABRIKA F 14° is an American Pale Ale, both brewed directly on site. The tasting will not conclude with only two beer types since they also offer light wheat beer, dark lager, dark stout, and others. Enjoy and cheers!

FABRIKA beer pub
Photo credit: FABRIKA beer pub


T: +421 (0)901 902 683
E: restaurant@fabrikapub.sk
W: www.fabrikapub.sk