Photo credit: Union Hotels, Marko Delbello Ocepek

Q: Which perspective of event organising is the most exciting for you?
I am happy that each day and each event differs from the previous one. At work, you constantly encounter people with whom you share joy and a passion to create new ideas and new stories. A client’s satisfaction with a well-delivered project is the final touch.

Q: What new approaches to organising events would you advise?
One such approach is the “out of the box” concept in the sense of an unconventional venue, which we introduced last year in the Karantanija conference hall at Hotel Lev. The concept is of open-type events that represent an excellent opportunity for networking, and creating new ideas and experiences.

Q: How important is communication in organising events?
Communication is one of the key aspects of success. The ability to communicate effectively is a skill that requires time and practice. It is one of the most useful features in event management.

Q: From where do you draw  ideas for organising events?
We begin by collecting ideas from clients, their vision, and the mission of the event. Of course, as event organisers we always want to leave our mark. Inspiration can also be sought abroad from examples of good practice. It is a continuous process, so we always want to offer our customers the best.