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Šibenik Tourist Board & Amadria Park Monthly Briefing – NOVEMBER 2017


Eating proscuitto on the Baron’s fortress

The fortress Barone in Šibenik is not only proud of having received The Best Cultural Attraction 2016, the most prestigious award in Croatian tourism, but also of Marendin, its already well established traditional event. ‘Marendin’, the regional expression for a slow and light meal between breakfast and lunch, is the event that brings both local and foreign guests to the award-winning fortress looking for a different experience of Dalmatian gastronomy and culture. The event, organised in either pre- or post-season, offers local delights to a musical background and with an amazing view of the Dalmatian sea.


With Marendin you can immerse yourself in local pancetta, prosciutto spreads, several selections of cheese and, of course, olive oil. The experience gives you a rare opportunity to be taken on a tour of Šibenik flavours and savours, which will naturally be paired with the best wines from the area too. This year’s Marendin, accompanied by the music of Indigo Duo as well as the area’s excellent weather, began on the weekend of October 22 and will be recurring every weekend until and including December 10. The snacking event itself always kicks off at 10am.


One of The Largest investments into the National Park Kornati

Kornati, the archipelago in the Dalmatian section of the Adriatic sea, is one of the most beautiful stretches of water and coastline anywhere in the world. Fully aware of this fact, the combined state and local authorities have launched ‘Rediviva’, a project for the sustainable use of their protected natural heritage that is part of the ‘Competitiveness and Cohesion’ programme for the financial period 2014-2020. Of the project’s 16 programmes, the flagship ones are the renovation and construction of three information centres for education, interpretation, promotion and marketing. The three centres will aim to attract more tourists to the islands, as well as offer a harmonious coexistence with the islands’ local communities.
The first of the centres’ three locations, in Betina on the island of Murter, has been open since May 2017. The cultural and presentation centre that was the fruit of an almost €1 million investment covers 450 square metres and has an additional exhibition space called Škrinja tajni (‘The Chest of Secrets’). It is set in the midst of the historical and cultural life of Betina and carries the official name of the Information Centre for Kornati National Park and Vransko Lake. The presentation centre offers cultural and tourist exhibitions of the natural values of the area’s two main gems: the Kornati Islands national park and the Vransko Lake natural park. The other two centres — ‘Coronata’ in the centre of Murter town and the ‘Kuča okrunjenog mora’ (House of the Crowned Sea) in the island of Kornat’s bay Vrulje — will be completed by 2019.