Interview with Gabriela Dietetova, General Manager at Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel

Q: How do you boost the levels of creativity at events?
Creativity is the core of any innovation and is an essential tool for the event industry. To create fertile ground for originality you must feed the mind with fresh information and you need to have people approaching event organisation from different angles. There are lots of ways to do this: new sights, environments, tastes and sounds trigger whole new pathways in our brains and naturally lead to new ideas. Being prepared to take a risk with ideas is important, but the flip side is that not everything works out exactly as planned. Yet the path of being successful is to learn from your mistakes and move on from them if they happen, but this shouldn’t put you off taking that risk in the first place.

Q: How do you sell creativity at events?
Event planners want to be remembered for integrating originality and imagination into their events. Stories are fundamental; telling stories is a great way not only to demonstrate your ability as an event organiser, but also by explaining how your client and the guests felt on that day will help make a new event concept idea be accepted by clients by relating to original concepts of previous events that you’ve organised.

Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel Belgrade

It’s important to identify the most important tasks and make priorities.

Q: How do you measure creativity at events?
By measuring the total number of attendees, incorporating an event app, including post-event surveys, monitoring social media engagement and the increase of active community members, media and press hits, and at the end the number of returning attendees.

Q: How do you organise creativity at events?
Creativity within an organisation definitely depends on vibrant, ongoing collaboration and the free flow of ideas. It’s important to identify the most important tasks and make priorities that need to be worked on before a project can go to the next level; next is to keep all team members in the loop and get constructive feedback, setting realistic deadlines for creative projects and transforming imagination into production.

Q: How do you manage creativity at events?
The priority is to engage the right people, with the right motivation, at the right times, to the right degree in creative work. A team that contributes imagination and its own initiatives leads to success.


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