Zoya Musem
Photo credit: ELESKO, Zoya Museum
Urban Space

Urban Space, Bratislava
Meet your friends, come for a delicious light meal, try one of their homemade lemonades or just relax on a big sofa. This is a coffee shop that also serves as a bookshop and has a particular atmosphere for which it has become so popular among the locals as well as tourists.

Ziferblat, Ljubljana
Ziferblat is a place where the only thing not free is the time. It’s a place for socialising where you can really make yourself feel at home. You can enjoy a cup of coffee, help yourself to some biscuits or make your own pancakes. And when the bill comes, the only thing you pay for is the time spent in Ziferblat.

Nedbalka Gallery

Nedbalka Gallery, Bratislava
The goal of the Nedbalka Gallery is to introduce to the wider public the amazing works of Slovak fine art from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century. Although the gallery focuses mostly on paintings, the collection also includes sculpture and print works too.

The Garden Brewery, Zagreb
The idea of The Garden team was to create a craft brewery that makes a difference, combining excellent craft beer, food flavors, beer tours and tasting, all accompanied by special events and ideas. The brewery found its ideal home in the Žitnjak industrial zone to the east of Zagreb and took up their idea of revitalizing the area.

Museum -of-illusions-ljubljana

The Museum of Illusions, Ljubljana
The Museum of Illusions is a museum of fun and educational experience, where you can test the limits of your perception. Inside, relativity is something that you experience quite literally. The illusions provide a different experience of space and everything you think you know about it.

Modna hiša/Fashion house

The Fashion House, Ljubljana
Nowadays, the Fashion House is dedicated to business and social events, especially for event organisers looking for a different space to offer creative stories. The venue is a part of the Grand Hotel Union congress and meetings offer, which has altogether 21 halls.

Stará tržnica

Stará tržnica, Bratislava
Situated in the centre of Bratislava, Stará tržnica, meaning ‘Old Market Hall’, is a historical building dating from 1910. For a long time it was unused, but a group of activists in Bratislava was able to take care of it and it quickly became a favourite spot for lovers of good food, design and history.

Zoya Museum, Bratislava
Zoya Museum was opened in October 2009 and is the younger sister of the Zoya Gallery, located in Bratislava, which was founded in 2005. The museum is located in the beautiful, wine-growing region in the foothills of Little Carpathians near Bratislava.

DANUBIANA Meulensteen Art Museum

Danubiana Art Musueum, Bratislava
Danubiana is a museum of modern and contemporary art close to Bratislava and located on a peninsula surrounded by nature and the river Danube. It is also a place where three countries meet: Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, giving it a very romantic ambience

UFO Restaurant

UFO Restaurant, Bratislava
The bridge of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP Bridge), also known as the New bridge, is one of the most characteristic and dominant features in all of Bratislava. Spanning the Danube River and in a traditional architectural form this 20th century steel bridge has at the very top of its tower the UFO Restaurant.

Our personal pick

Voress Museum, Athens
A country house, gallery, garden, event space and an ethnographic museum is what hides behind the facade of the Vorres Museum in a town called Painia, near the centre of Athens.