Q: What does Conventa mean to you?
Success stories in MICE industry, makes you a storyteller! Conventa proves constantly through the last 10 years that creativity is intelligence having Fun.

The best ever organized and most wanted Trade Show Event. Ljubljana is small and beautiful city that attracts the interest of the Meeting Planners and Event Makers. Once you are there you feel the warm welcome by the organizers and the locals, in every step.

Q: Can you share a memorable experience from Conventa that is hard to forget
Conventa is a memorable experience on its own and this is how creating memories seems to become a reality here, every year!

Answering to the question, yes, it is hard for me to forget the SHOW and PARTY time of Conventa. Quality and Joy, in almost everything : great musicians, live bands, Dancing, Choreographies, Paintings are only few to name and many more to remember for a life time.

Q: Conventa is celebrating 10th jubilee in the upcoming year. What is Conventa’s message to the MICE industry?
Professionals in MICE industry have a very good example, in terms of innovation, inspiration, planning and organization of Events, Meetings, Conferences, Exhibitions.

10 years ago Conventa put the seed and prove the meaning of continuous transformation in MICE industry. Wish many happy returns to Conventa, as really deserved this kind of recognition as a high level MICE Event.

Convneta Crossover

Q: How do you see the impact of Conventa on the region?
Unknown destinations are transformed to well known and attractive ones. Absolutely a successful and potential outcome.

Q: If Conventa were a dish, what would it be and why?
Green, fancy, passionate, organic, healthy, fresh and innovative. Don’t ask Why, just be there to taste your own dish and Slovenian wine!