Photo: Matjaz Ocko

At a time when we have already seen and experienced almost everything imaginable, the organisation of unforgettable events is all but simple. In order to ensure that the best events in ‘New’ Europe, as well as their organisers, do not go unnoticed, Kongres magazine, in co-operation with Conventa, presents an award which, as part of the Meetings Star awards, will immortalise the best events in the meetings industry.

Recipients of the award will be announced at Conventa 2018. Details can be followed on our website

The annual conference is the most important and key annual event of EUROCITIES, a network of European cities, welcoming participants from all around Europe each year in a different city. In 2017 we were proud to organize and host the EUROCITIES annual conference in Ljubljana where we were actively sharing our good practices on circular economy and learning from other cities’ work and experiences.

The 2017 EUROCITIES annual conference showcased many amazing examples of circular economy in action in our cities and demonstrated the energy and commitment to move forward. Objectives: to inform, to promote, to include as many people as possible, to share good practices, media coverage…


TEDxVelenje Underground was the deepest TEDx event in the world. We organized it 157 meters under the ground in an old coal mine – the perfect place to go deep – literally and figuratively: we went »deeply inside ourselfs«. The five speaker shared with us ideas and their knowledge about underground, darker topics: “blood revenge” practices in the Balkan region, the hidden life in the underground, “psychology ” of tattooing, LGBT first-hand experience, how to spot a liar.

The main objectives were:
– throw people out of their comfort zone by facing participants with uncomfortable topics
– promote open-mindedness by enhancing discussion between people with different views
– motivate people to make a change in their personal life’s – encourage networking for a potentially bigger change in the society – providing information how to make a world more sustainable, also by leading by example – awakening senses and feelings by the special atmosphere.


In September 2017 McDonald’s Slovenia launched a new generation of burgers called Master Burgers that are distinguished by the highest quality ingredients, masterful preparation, and harmonization of taste. Our job was to prepare a press conference where Master Burgers can be properly introduced to the wider public through media coverage. We decided to offer the media representatives an unforgettable experience that will motivate them to participate at the event and will result in a large number of rich in content media coverage. The event was designed as a high-level restaurant experience that coincides with a new line of burgers and is not usual when visiting McDonald’s restaurants.

The happening was spiced up with a blind tasting experience led by a top chef Karim Merdjadi. Guests were asked to put on blindfolds which helped them to aware the senses which are too often switched off and explore the mysterious tastes. Thus, the participants could concentrate both on tasting individual ingredients as well as on the harmony of tastes and structures. In addition to the media event, we’ve added a Facebook prize game for the wider public where they could win a Master Burgers dinner for two. We’ve selected 140 couples, invited them to their nearest McDonald’s restaurants and treated them with a high-level experience (seating hostesses, menu to choose a Master Burger from, table serving, personal touch). In this way, we’ve created a wider awareness about the launch of new burgers via social network


A Tirolese conference thriller in Vienna. On the 8th June 2017, notable Viennese congress and event planners set out together with Convention Bureau Tirol and its leading conference venue providers on a hunt for the most unconventional locations in the heart of the Alps. Working in conjunction with its Tirolean congress and conference partners, the Convention Bureau Tirol invited those interested to attend a Tirolese conference thriller at Schönburg Palace in Vienna, headlined “Criminal MICE“. An emotional alpine element was ensured with a reading by the successful author, Thomas Raab, who gave an exciting foretaste of his latest literary work, “Der Metzger – The Butcher”. During this balmy summer evening, guests enjoyed an incredibly entertaining and informative insight into the distinctive Tirolean event locations and diverse incentive opportunities.

The successful format found its repeating in a spectacular Criminal MICE eventing at the Prater Insel in Munich on the 08th of November 2017.


CroEcho is the largest educational, professional and scientific meeting in the region, dedicated to non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostics. State of the art content of the meeting brings major themes in contemporary European echocardiographic practice, with regards to the achievements in Croatia. CroEcho2017 is a new opportunity for gathering, socializing and opinion exchange. Through echocardiographic review and clinical presentations amidst various experts, the patient is being pushed back in the center of the clinical work. CroEcho2017 congress focused on taking a holistic view of the patient and on problem-solving in the team.

This year’s program was aimed at fostering a higher standard of professional excellence in making a correct and timely cardiac diagnosis and purposeful treatment of the patient. Teaching course is the cornerstone of the programme. From basic fundamentals of physics, through the standardized protocol and complete examination, it aims to raise the quality of examinations and is useful for the beginners as well as experts in the field. Imaging campus and workshops, scanning with experts emphasize practical skills.