Photo Credit: AIME

The future relationship between robots and humans will be at the centre of the ‘Man vs Machine… Are robots challenging humans?’ Saxton Up Close and Personal session featuring Dr Jordan Nguyen, Bill Bennett, Casey Hyun, and moderator Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen, who will present their unique insights and experiences working with technology to attendees at this year’s Asia-Pacific Incentives and Meetings Expo (AIME). AIME will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 20-21 February 2018.

Dr Jordan Nguyen, recipient of the 2017 Eureka Prize for Science Journalism for his documentary Becoming Superhuman, will share a dynamic perspective into the evolving intersection between technology and humanity, and the role of robotics in our future.

Dr Nguyen commented on how technology is changing the way we interact and engage with not only each other, but many aspects of our everyday lives. “Business is evolving very quickly, especially in the areas of communication, connection, and inclusion. Given the rapid advancements in technologies such as robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, consequently, we are evolving alongside these through our awareness, knowledge, and understanding of what it means to be human.” He adds that “Event technology already explores the relationships and boundaries of virtual reality and robots, it will be very interesting to explore these applications and what they represent for the industry,” said Dr Nguyen.

Angela Sciacca, Project Manager, AIME, commented on the perspective and insight that someone of Dr Nguyen’s calibre brings to AIME. “AIME focuses on three core pillars, knowledge, connections, and experiences, and what Dr Nguyen and the Saxton speakers bring is an innovative and new perspective, expanding our collective knowledge. We are confident that attendees will gain incredible insight into the applications of robotics in our very human industry, and how it could give your event the leading edge,” said Ms Sciacca.