Ins’t it aimzang waht the hmaun mnid is cbapale of seineg?

Experience how your eyes and mind can be deceived as well as learn how it is being tricked


Enter the fascinating world of illusion which will trick your confidence in senses, but amaze you by doing it; the world that will confuse you completely, but also educate you… Visit us and you will be thrilled because nothing is what it seems, especially not in the Museum of Illusions!

The Museum is located in an old residential house on one of the two main squares in Ljubljana, the Kongres Square. The story of illusions started in September 2016 when the Museum opened its doors to visitor. In this period, it became #1 attraction in Ljubljana for all generations.


The Museum offers a unique venue where you can blend the business and fun in one place. It is also a great idea for accompanying program (a theme party) to your bigger event organized in Ljubljana. The Museum is able to offer you the organization of an event that could completely satisfy the needs of all your guests.  Do not hesitate to contact them and they will find the solution, which is not an illusion.


The Museum is located in the City center and its location puts the visitors in vicinity to a lot of accommodation options in all price ranges (Hotel Slon 400m, Hotel Union 500m, Hotel Lev 900m, Cubo 160m, City hotel 650m, Hotel Emonec 250m etc.) All the above-mentioned hotels offer also some great meeting facilities.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, be sure that an illusion hides more than a million!

Dare to try something different!


Museum of Illusions is located in the city center in the pedestrian zone therefore directly accessible only by foot. But there is a public parking garage just 100m away. There are also three other big parking places nearby.

The Museum is located in the city centre and it offers a great venue for fun – business activities. The Museum is interactive and allows visitors to take photos, where there are instructions of how to get an illusion instead of the guide, making you your own illusion master.


DTG d.o.o.
Muzej Iluzij
Kongresni trg 13, 1000 Ljubljana
Urška Humar
T: 040250921