Photo credit: Union hoteli

The first months of the new year are always a good time to remember the good and the bad of the previous year and to make fresh new plans for the year ahead of us. Union Hotels have been for a century a symbol of warm and welcoming hospitality, and in their style, on the 15th of February, they invited their precious and irreplaceable companions, their business partners, to celebrate the successes of the past year and to toast the ones that are about to come.

The business partners were invited to a lovely and pleasant gathering and a tasty lunch in hotel Lev. The ceremony opened with a tango performance and a speech made by Mr. Matej Rigelnik, the general manager of Union Hotels, who proudly emphasized that since the opening of Grand Hotel Union in 1905, the hotel is the heart and the pride of Ljubljana.

With a sincere desire and a goal to create a memorable experience for the guests of, today already four, unique hotels in Ljubljana (Hotel Lev, Grand Hotel Union, Grand hotel Union Business and Central Hotel) the hotel management was and remains dedicated to tradition, but aware that without looking and investing in the future, the goal is to raise the quality of service to a five-star standard, and offer it for the price of a four-star service.  Therefore Union Hotels are investing 30 million in renovation projects for all the four hotels. The first renovation project, the new Premier Suite in Hotel Lev is almost finished and will welcome the first guests in April.

The pleasant gathering with business partners continued accompanied by excellent food and cozy atmosphere, and as a new year gift from the hotels, the prize game with an exclusive, a weekend stay in the royal suite of Grand Hotel Union, was held. Let’s just say that someone lucky will sleep in the same room as Queen Elisabeth II slept one day.