Photo credits: Croatian National Tourist Board

The Congress Department’s activities will include performances at specialized congress fairs, monitoring the quality of congressional capacities, coordinating promotional activities and business partners, supporting congressional destinations, tracking trends in tourism markets, and maintaining relationships with international organizations.

At the meeting of the Tourist Board of HTZ, a new Rulebook on the organizational structure of the HTZ Main Office and systematization of jobs was adopted. With the new systematization was decided to merge several organizational units into one sector. Thus, the advertising sectors for the brand “Croatia”, the market research and strategic planning sector have been merged into one that will be called the strategic communications sector. The above sector will also include PR and marketing activities, because they are considered as a matter of closely related activities that require better coordination, closer cooperation, and synergy.

The news is also the return of a special congress department within HTZ that will be more focused on further development and promotion of this important segment of the offer, which significantly influences the entire year’s business in tourism, said HTZ director Kristjan Staničić. The foundation for the international affairs sector and the network of representations is also novel, which will contribute to an even better coordination of the network of representations, as well as stronger representation and better cooperation of the Croatian tourist community with world tourism organizations.

The Congress Department within the Croatian Tourist Board, which will be tasked with positioning Croatia as a quality congress destination, as well as establishing even more quality relations with the partners from the congress industry. Croatia in this segment has good potential and as Stančič explained, the new Congress Department will significantly contribute to the improvement of business processes and trends.

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