Photo credit: Hiroshima CVB

A new logo and identity to promote Hiroshima as a convention destination have been launched!  To select a logo design that embodies Hiroshima’s brand concept; Hiroshima is resolute about bringing positive changes through the hosting of meetings and conventions in the city of peace, the Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau held a design contest which attracted 284 entries submitted by 174 creators from all over Japan and from overseas.  The winning logo, unveiled on 5th February 2018, features the letter H of Hiroshima combining an orizuru (folded paper crane)that is a symbol of peace in Hiroshima and a circle that symbolizes the sun in Japan national flag or peace flame.

The brand tagline ‘Meeting Resolutions’ implicates not only that Hiroshima commits to the promotion of peace and resolution, to bring about awareness and need for peace but also that Hiroshima supports meetings as a means for people to gather, discuss and resolve issues, to build mutual understanding and relationships. It also means that Hiroshima commits to resolve issues meeting planners may have in choosing the destination for their upcoming conference, planning, promoting and facilitating conferences and Hiroshima provides support to meeting and event planners to help them achieve successful outcomes as well.