Russia & EXPO

The world exhibition movement is the most vivid example of successful overcoming of cultural, interethnic, ideological and political contradictions, for the sake of the happiness and prosperity of future generations. Russia has always been a part of this great process. Since 1851, our country has participated in all World Exhibitions. Russia has always been a part of this great process. The Russia pavilions has repeatedly been among the best, and many of them were considered to be the part of the world architecture legacy. But Russia has never hosted EXPO on its territory.

Russia & International Events

Russia has good reasons to become a host of the global humanitarian and technological fair. Over the past quarter of the century, we have hosted many major international political, economic, cultural and sports forums. We love to welcome guests and spare no time, effort and money for high-quality organization. The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi is the brightest example of successful fulfillment of all our obligations. We have no doubt that the upcoming World Cup will be held at the highest world standards.

Ekaterinburg – Our Choice For World EXPO 2025

Being located on the border of Europe and Asia, Ekaterinburg takes the best of two worlds, playing an important role of a cultural bridge between continents. Today, it is a modern, dynamic, rapidly growing city, one of the cultural, educational and industrial centers of our country. The city allocates numerous grand-scale educational and research institutions, which signifies enormous scientific and innovative potential. 25 % of the region’s population are young people from the age of 15 to 29. More than 250.000 students are studying at 39 higher education institutions. The city effectively develops the urban infrastructure, while building an ultra-modern transportation system and country’s greatest residential complexes, and investing billions into construction of techno parks, innovation centers of technology and communication facilities. Ekaterinburg is one of the 11 host cities of the football championship 2018.

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The Theme of EXPO 2025 expresses the global need for a renewed and responsible reflection on our world and the challenges we face by focusing on humanity and innovation as interlinked drivers to improve the quality of life. The theme is presented as a unique opportunity to explore and reflect on the living social process dominated by continuous technological change. Expo 2025 Ekaterinburg would serve as a platform for interpreting the three-sided concept “People, Innovation and Quality of Life”, analysing and determining the role of each side in the process. Balancing each constituent part of this concept is a difficult task that is dependent on the approach taken, whilst the result of this process shapes the path the world will take.

Full Government Support

Participation of Ekaterinburg in the bid campaign for the right to host World Expo in 2025 is a truly nationwide project. And it has a full-scale support on all the levels of governance. Based on our vast experience in organizing large-scale international events, we know that international success largely depends on simplification of various procedures and introduction of benefits, both for foreign participants and visitors. In this respect our aim is to create a comfortable environment.

Russia is open to the world and welcome guest of the World Expo 2025.