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GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre carries out all types of business events on a turnkey basis. The events that they can organise and/or host span from congresses, seminars, various workshops, to concerts and other entertainment and cultural events.

The diversity of the events that can be held in GR will particularly shine out in the next few days when GR will host three events with completely different background: entertainment, health and, believe it or not, politics!

31 May – 1 June 2018

The 7th edition of a very popular PopUp Clubbing event bares its name after the German word for »short circuit in electricity«. And not surprisingly so, for the pup up festival is nothing but an event that brings the electrifying night life experience and hosts iconic artists from various music genres. In each of its edition, the festival pop ups at a different venue and is always sold-out long in advance. Its concept attracts thousands of lovers of a unique night life experience, and exclusive, unrepeatable party that lasts all night long.

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On Thursday, 31 May 2018 at 9pm, the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre’s (GR) hall Kocka will host Editors – the famous English rock band which has been in the musical indie rock scene for more than a decade. In GR they will present their new album Violence. In addition to the classics such as Munich, Blood, and Papillon, they will present the new singles Magazine and Hallelujah (So Low) as well.

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Next dayt, on Friday, 1 June 2018 at 11pm, Joris Voorn, a Dutch DJ and producer, also called the Dutch miracle boy, world-known as a festival and club headliner with numerous awards for his creativity and commitment to electronic music, will roll his music in the GR’s Kocka as well.

2 June 2018

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Just a few hours after the all-night-long partying and dancing on Joris Voorn’s music, the GR will open its Kupula Hall’s door on Saturday, 2 June at 9am for the Festival of Health organised by Lekarna Ljubljana (Ljubljana Pharmacy) for the 5th time. At the festival, the visitors will receive useful medical information and consultations while at the same time they will be able to participate in workshops and professional lectures.

3 June 2018

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Parliamentary elections (by proportional method) will be held in Slovenia on 3 June 2018. GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre will in its Marmorna Hall host the main Slovenian Media Center during the election day from 12pm until 10pm. The Media Center is intended for media representatives that inform publics on all the important activities and events during the ongoing elections.

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All the main Slovenian media will be gathered inside Marmorna Hall and will broadcast to the public updates in regard to happenings around the elections. There will be 100 provided working spaces for media representatives on hand. The Media Centre is, while being the main election spot for diverse Slovenian media, also somewhat of a live studio for the most important Slovenian TV and radio stations allowing for a direct and live broadcast. The most important time of the day in the Media Center will be marked in the election-results time when the representatives of the political parties will arrive and give their statements on the election results to all of the present media houses.

With the announced three events covering completely different landscapes, the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre covers the diverse content with grace and in one go appropriate for the largest and the central multifunctional events centre in the centre of the Slovenian capital.