An article by Gorazd Čad, Editor in Chief

This year Kongres magazine is celebrating its twelfth anniversary. As the conceptual ‘father’ of the project, I set myself a target to build a recognised, modern publication with quality content.

The editorial board, consisting of trusted and valued partners and colleagues, searches for topical content that addresses important issues and presents examples of good practice.

Through various activities, we try to influence the decisions and habits of meeting planners in order that they will organise better projects. Better events enable a better society which in turns creates even better events.

We are aware that words can change the world

It seems that trust in the power of speech is constantly being questioned. This is evidenced by numerous affairs connected with manipulation, abuse of information, half-truths and lies, and the fixing of numbers that have shaken the world’s media.

We wonder where in such a world is there a place for professional media such as Kongres magazine. What is our place in the reality show in which we live? Human beings are only as good as their word, and the same applies to media.

As a form of media, Kongres began in the age of the internet and our fundamental reflection from the beginning has been the relationship of printed media to the internet. We were among the first to be aware of changing reading habits, and therefore the online reach of our portal is among the highest in the industry. On the other hand, however, we also understand the power of printed media, which enables the publication of quality and more in-depth stories. Through a combination of printed publications and websites, two different methods of reading and storytelling are combined.

In addition, our aim is to offer an unblemished view beyond the established patterns. It is our duty to pose new questions and present themes from other perspectives. By doing so, we create new context, which also includes the idea of ‘New Europe’ – unburdened by classic thought patterns and a creative sense regarding important aspects of the meetings industry.

We believe that we can contribute to a better congress industry and improved events. New for this year is an upgraded version of the printed edition of the magazine which brings even more in-depth stories, the aim of which is to overcome the boundaries between events and other areas of creativity.

Fear of the decline of the media is ever-present, however, hope remains!