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The UFO tower is one of the most characteristic and dominant features in all of Bratislava. Visiting this traditional architectural monument from the 20thcentury when in Bratislava is a must. Spanning the Danube River this steel bridge has at the very top of its tower the UFO Restaurant, offering mesmeric and unforgettable views of the city, where from a 95-meter height you can take in the entire city stretching out directly below you. And for the adrenalin seekers now you can catch Bratislava from a completely different perspective on the UFO Skywalk.

A professional instructor will accompany you to step out on a windowsill of the observation tower behind the restaurant, and experience an extraordinary feeling of being high, above the ground and close to the clouds. And then you will take a walk around the dome and embrace amazing panoramic views of Bratislava.

Or if you are looking for more than just a walk through the clouds, you can try the UFO Abseiling, which is another extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Roping down from the height from the observation tower to the beach under the UFO tower. A professional instructor will escort you down a nearly hundred meters long rope, back on the ground.


SNP bridge, 851 01, Bratislava
T: 00 421 2 6252 0300

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