The best meeting hotels and convention centres

We evaluate hotels and convention centres which are recommended to us by our readers and which are focused on congress tourism. For the 2017 award, we evaluated 25 new hotels and re-evaluated 12 hotels from last year. In total 151 evalutions by hidden guests were carried out, which enables a true high-quality comparison. We deliberately avoid the possibility that part of the evaluation is made-up of online surveys. We believe that, by using such a method, the information obtained would only reflect the opinion of those users who choose to participate. Therefore, we will continue to use the hidden guest methodology, which, in our opinion, ensures the best quality results, despite the fact that this method is time-consuming and demanding.




Final mark: 4.96
Highest mark: 5.00 – Employee Attitude
Lowest mark: 4.25 – Accesibility
Number of rooms: 149 Rooms and suites
Price (Trivago) – May 2018: 300 – 365 €
Extras: The Navy Museum with its newly renovated submarines and a collection of objects from the rich nautical history of the Montenegrin Littoral.

The hotel sets new regional hoteliers’ standards and also sets Montenegro among the most luxurious tourist destinations, so it isn’t surprising that it was nominated for the World Luxury Awards 2015. The ratings of its individual criteria speak for themselves; the hotel offers comfort, a range of top quality materials, luxurious elegance and a high quality offer of its spa centre, for which a visit is a very special experience and why many famous and rich people have already visited Regent Porto Montenegro. You too can reserve your space among the VIPs in one of its 51 rooms.

Top positive surprises: You will be surrounded not only by magnificent nature and hi-tech, but also with great employees who have mastered the concept of luxury catering to perfection, where guests can enjoy full privacy.

‘Flop’ negative surprises: Prices can be quite high for ordinary congress guests, but the hotel will repay you with really top-notch service.


GRAND HOTEL KEMPINSKI, Strbske Pleso, Slovakia

Final mark: 4.90
Highest mark: 5.00 – First Impresion
Lowest mark: 4.35 – Accesibility
Number of rooms: 98 Rooms
Price (Trivago) – May 2018:  246 – 295 €
Extras: The picturesque location, with views of the High Tatras, can be appreciated from the luxurious Zion spa which streches over 1300m2.

The hotel is an attractive Slovak tourist icon, in a picturesque location, which makes everything look like a fairytale. It is a simple hotel which awakens the imagination, raises the heartbeat and is perfect for congress events of the highest order. It is an institution where guests can relax in the wellness center, indulge in culinary treats from the chefs, taste some excellent wine or fully focus on meetings and events with a view. Lovers of culture will certainly appreciate the artwork throughout the hotel. The Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras has won multiple awards which are justified by the experience it offers.

Top positive surprises: There are numerous options for teambuilding activities and which are available throughout the year. A nearby golf course, the Black Stork Golf Resort and skiing, walking and biking are a small part of the possibilties.

‘Flop’ negative surprises: The offer of the High Tatras doesn‘t quite match the level of the Kempinski hotel, where guests are offered everything they need for a pleasant stay.


KEMPINSKI PALACE, Portorož, Slovenia

Final mark: 4.89
Highest mark: 5.00 – Congress Hall
Lowest mark: 4.49 – Accessibility
Number of rooms: 181 Rooms and Suites
Price (Trivago) – May 2018:  217 – 279 €
Extras:  ROSE Spa – an elegant wellness centre with different treatments coming from the salt pan tradition of Portorož and Piran.

The Kempinski Palace is simply an excellent congress hotel. With their experience in incentive travel, conferences and complicated corporate events, they have set new standards and assured the number one spot in the region. Since the last evaluation, the Palace hotel has had major improvements in terms of service quality, staff and cuisine. In addition to the standard, top-notch Kempinski service you would expect, the hotel has its unique style, which accentuates the legendary character and Habsburg elegance. All of this shows why the Kempinski Palace is at the top of the luxury offer in Slovenia.

Top positive surprises: The majestic Crystal ballroom is known for hosting famous guests, including the Austro Hungarian aristocracy in the early 20th century. It is the perfect choice for glamorous events, gala dinners, balls and weddings.

‘Flop’ negative surprises: I had a hard time finding any flops, but what I could mention is the orderliness of the coastline, where the quality of the offer just doesn’t match that of the hotel.



Final mark: 4.88
Highest mark: 5.00 – First Impresion
Lowest mark: 4.45 – Accessibility
Number of rooms: 153 Rooms and Suites
Price (Trivago) – May 2018:  322 – 424 €
Extras:  For the more active of congress participants a private marina and swimming pool are available, as well as a few hidden spots for a special party under the stars.

Upon entering the hotel you instantly feel positivity and calm. The natural colours and wood blend nicely with the green surroundings, which can best be observed from the outdoor pool. Privacy is guaranteed by the many hidden corners simply intended for events. This was also one of the reasons why the hotel has acquired numerous titles as best hotel and has become a trademark of Carinthian tourism. At the time of our last assessment, there has been a change in hotel management, which is today clearly at the peak of the regional hotel offer. Steered by German precision and Austrian charm it is the concept of excellence in every field.

Top positive surprises: Professional and helpful personnel and kindness everywhere. Wellness Centre Aquapura SPA extends over 3,600 m2 and is one of the most prestigious wellness centres in this part of Europe.

‘Flop’ negative surprises: Very high price in the summer season, but it is justified by a high level of service and a prestige location.


HOTEL LONE, Rovinj, Croatia

Final mark: 4.86
Highest mark: 5.00 – Hotel Breakfast
Lowest mark: 4.43 – Accessibility
Number of rooms: 236 Rooms
Price (Trivago) – May 2018:  273 – 408 €
Extras:  Cultural and visual ”deserts” like the art creations by Ivan Franka in the lobby called “Room for running ghosts” and hanging gardens “much more can be discovered all over the Hotel.

Skillfully hidden within the heart of Rovinj, Hotel Lone is a magnificent example of architecture structure respecting natural landscape. The hotel is embraced by forests and faces the sea. Its essence is like that of a luxury sheep that has a carefully anchored without damaging the natural harmony of its surroundings. It is simple, minimalist and purely elegant. With its excellent, fully equipped business centre consisting of one large room seating 700 delegates, and several smaller rooms, the hotel Lone can ideally host any number of creative, open and communicative meeting (central conference hall, conference and executive board rooms, VIP lounge).

Top positive surprises: The Croatian architectural studio 3LHD is signed under the architecture of the Hotel and numerous Croatian artists and architects co operated in its interior design. The result is a minimalist, balanced Y-shaped terraced unique architecture.

‘Flop’ negative surprises: Disorderly parking on the otherwise glamurous driveway spoils the first impression at arrival to the hotel.