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The ranking analyses the cities around the world based on the following three criteria: natural green space, man-made green space and food production areas. Within these categories, various types of green space such as woodlands, public parks, orchards or vineyards can be found. Prague dominates the list of those destinations with the largest space of public gardens, orchards, vineyards and farmland. The Czech capital boosts also with sufficient amount of golf courses and space with maintained grass.

Besides Prague – Reykjavik, Auckland, Bratislava, Gothenburg, Sydney or Rome can be found in the list of TOP 10 cities with the largest green space in square metres per person. The following destinations accompany Prague with the highest percentage of overall greenery: Madrid, Vienna, Edinburgh, Auckland, Bratislava or Marseille.

Complete results of the TravelBird’s Green Cities Index 2018 can be found here:

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