Photo credit: Facebook // Union Hotels

Grand Union Caffe hosted a unique dancing workshop of Tango Milonga. After the workshop, a pleasant socializing over a good glass of wine from the quality selection from the wine shop in the peaceful atmosphere of the Grand Union Caffe, or a delicious piece cake was a perfect ending to a pleasant tango evening.

ReUnion tango evenings are an evening well spent in a good company of dancing, culinary treat, excellent music and a nice glass of wine. The workshop is led by the dancing school Calesita specialized for Argentinian tango.

Photo credit: Facebook // Kavarna Union

About Milonga dance

Milonga dance incorporates the same basic elements as Tango, but permits a greater relaxation of legs and body, and normally a faster movement. In contrast to the serious and dramatic Tango, Milonga has a more humorous and rustic style and is usually more a kind of rhythmic walking without complicated figures. Overall, milonga is danced in a faster tempo than tango, which reveals every imperfection unconcealed.