Photo credit: GR

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, hosted an educational and marketing event ICCA Association Meetings Programme – AMP 2018 between 9-11 July. On the 8th of July, 30 association executives came to Ljubljana and were greeted by GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The prestigious event ICCA AMP took place in Ljubljana from 9 –11 July and created a dynamic platform for education, business opportunities and networking, underlined with genuine local experience and warm hospitality. In addition, 30 association executives came to Ljubljana on 8 July with the aim to learn and experience what Ljubljana has to offer for associations events. They were greeted by GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (GR).

GR wrapped the presentation of its halls and services into a “fairy tale” that originates in the fountain Urška and the Water Man (povodni mož) in the GR’s yard. To explain, The Water Man was the first Slovene ballad and it was written in 1826 by the Slovene Romantic poet France Prešeren (considered to be the greatest Slovenian poet). The narration of the poem is about Urška, a girl from Ljubljana that tragically ended in the hands of a handsome man who happened to be a water man who tugged her into Ljubljanica River.

The ICCA AMP visitors were welcomed by a dance of two expressionist dancers who performed the Urška and water man’s dance, they were later offered Urška and Water Man cocktails, a notebook with their motifs, and the poem translated into English.

In the presentation, the GR emphasized the venue’s advantage connected to its location in the city centre; the own VIP parking; the outdoor areas that can be also used as an exhibition space; the fountain of Urška and Water Man that is particularly a refreshing location for hanging out and chatting in warm months; the restaurant that also offers catering; the multifunctionality of the halls that can be arranged exactly according to the client’s wishes; the own PCO in partnership with the Dekon Group which takes care of candidacies, venue search, reception, design and print of publications, website, finance, incentive programmes, gala dinners and other catering services, transport and all the way to the final report.

All of this combined with the dedicated and highly-motivated meetings team that works inside the GR which is a special venue with a romantic undertone expressed with its marvellous fountain of Urška and the Water Man.