Photo credit: Dekon Group

Are you considering a resounding business event? Are you looking for a reliable partner with know-how and experience? Do you need a fresh and thrilling destination for your business event? We are here! With the pulse of the world and local charm.

DEKON.SI, located in Ljubljana at the GR – Ljubljana Convention and Exhibition Centre, is the first international professional congress organizer in Slovenia and cooperates with all other units and companies within the Dekon Group. Located in Istanbul, Dekon Group operates in 36 countries across 170 destinations from many offices spread throughout the world. Annually runs an average of more than 60 conferences, with more than 25 years of rich international experiences with resounding congresses from 50 to 27.000 delegates (4th United Nations Conference of the Least Developed Countries, Istanbul 2011).

Dekon Group recognized charming and small Ljubljana as the magnificent boutique destination with good infrastructure and professional, hardworking and devoted team. The global professional meeting organizer brought already in 2016 to Ljubljana, the GR – Ljubljana Convention and Exhibition Centre, the EuroGeo Conference (EuroGeo6) and the 34th FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine. In 2017 the 47th EABCT – a congress of the European Association for behavioral and cognitive therapies and the EUROSON 2017 Congress took place there as well.

Photo credit: Dekon Group

Dekon Group is here to support you through the whole process of creating your business event: from preparing the first bid till the final report when your conference is over. They take care of your registration and accommodations, manage your exhibition space, offers pre and after conference tours, sources venues and handles your scientific program. And as your event needs publicity they care about the needed media exposure by creating a marketing strategy and a PR plan to make it easier to find sponsors and making your event a full success.

The services of the Dekon Group Companies cover besides Conference Organization also Association Management, Destination Management, Company Incentives and Product Launches. Dekon has its own creative advertising agency.

Dekon Group is a member of ICCA, IAPCO, INCON, and AMC. Its offices and representatives can be found in Austria, Azerbaijan, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Serbia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, and Slovenia.