Q: Why have you entered the Conventa Best Event Award competition?

To be honest I’ve received invitation from your side that made us interested in participation at Conventa Award. I follow your Kongres Magazin and it really makes me happy to see that meeting & incentive industry is putting more focus on the creative concept and execution of events. I like the idea of Conventa Award as a competition for events of new Europe, connecting more markets and sharing information from the event industry. We are present in the region, but we see being part of this competition also as a chance to meet colleagues and open the doors to some new markets. As we are such close neighbours it would be good to cooperate, wouldn’t it?

Q: What does it mean to you that your event has been selected among the finalists for the Conventa Best Event Award?

To be selected among the finalists of Conventa Best Event Award means to us that we are doing something right, that we’d shown a good story behind our projects and that this was recognised by the Conventa jury. This is a true satisfaction and award for the whole crew. Working on miss7 projects we had the whole team on the same side, happy and thrilled to find the best solutions for the project. New and young brand on the market needed a new solution for event execution. I believe that we succeeded with Pajama Party and The Millennial Scrapbook.

Q: What is your secret recipe for a successful and effective event?

Not sure if this can be considered a secret but I believe it is important to have brand knowledge, passion to create something unique and hard work behind event preparation. This combination should lead to an effective and successful event. It is important to understand the brand strategy and to develop a creative concept that will be infused into every single detail, program, gift or food. These details are ideal tools to tell the story of the brand.

Event is a unique platform where brands get a direct feedback from consumers, no Facebook post reports or TV reach results. The feeling your audience is left with on/after the event, is the only thing that is important, therefore it requires good planning and to be taken seriously since there is no chance for repetition.

Q: If you had unlimited resources and a client who would say ‘yes’ to everything, what kind of event would you have organised?

We work for clients, but we also try to create projects we are interested in. Unlimited ideas for new project could go in so many ways: from a great visual mapping festival to green events & education to high cuisine events, culture projects, events that will help the city to become a better place to live in – it is always good when you feel that people like it and that the event has created something good that stays behind.


Date: 15.11.2017.
Location: Kaptol Boutique Cinema & Bar
Organizer: Projektil and Imago Ogilvy
Client: miss7
Event type: Best Product or Service Launch / B2b

Pajama Party

Date: 27.03.2018.
Location: Lauba – House for people and art
Organizer: Projektil and Imago Ogilvy
Client: miss7
Event type: Best Corporate Convention / B2B

The Millennial Scrapbook