Q: Why have you entered the Conventa Best Event Award competition?

We decided to enter Conventa Best Event Award competition, since we would like to build awareness about the Slovenian Incoming Workshop, especially among the business public, share our experience with other tourism professionals and expand our horizons. Post SIW surveys show that SIW already exceeds attendees’ expectations, but we are always looking for improvement and are in constant search for new ideas and up-to-date solutions.

“The host and STB have to work closely together in order to achieve the same goals.”

Q: What does it mean to you that your event has been selected among the finalists for the Conventa Best Event Award?

We are absolutely thrilled about this nomination. We have seen that many interesting events entered the competition, which means that the competition was intense and also proves that we are on the right track.

Q: What is your secret recipe for a successful and effective event?

There are many important components that contribute to a successful event. For example, it plays an important role that the team of SIW is permanent and that it upgrades the event every year. It is also important that the whole Tourist Board is well-aware of the importance of SIW and that it is fully supporting the project on all levels. What is more, the host location is chosen with a public tender, that means that the location has to do its best to win the tender and eventually, the host and STB have to work closely together in order to achieve the same goals – a successful and effective event.

Q: If you had unlimited resources and a client who would say ‘yes’ to everything, what kind of event would you have organised?

We are always looking for improvements. If there would be an unlimited budget, it would most probably be easier to showcase the diversity of the country, meaning that we would most probably include different out-of-a-box elements, which would take participants’ breath away. In addition, we would invest more money in IT solutions, which would make the whole event even more personalized.

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