Waterfront hotel brings a fresh vision to legendary travel destination

Budapest Marriott Hotel is redefining contemporary travel with newly designed rooms that capture the vibe, innovation and beauty of the city. Designed for a new generation of travellers, the Budapest hotel has unveiled a refreshing transformation, introducing stylish accommodations that blend modern comfort with inspiring beauty.

The new design showcases hard floors for a sleeker, more modern appearance, along with Italian furniture and open wardrobes, which give each room a more spacious feel. Brilliant design accents include chic window benches, which allow guests to comfortably soak up breath-taking panoramas of the Danube. Vibrantly colored decorations blend harmoniously with pastel-shaded walls and draperies, while abundant natural light brings the whole setting alive before an amazing backdrop of fantastic city views.

Conceived to be unlike other waterfront rooms in Budapest, each reimagined space offers modern innovations, including electronic window shades, which can be easily controlled by the bedside panel. Every room also offers IPTV and an individual Wi-Fi router, which increases bandwidth to guarantee that each guest has two megabytes-per-second for every single device.

Work desks have been optimized for laptops, making them more spacious. Each room includes recycling bins, reflecting the hotel’s commitment to green initiatives. The hotel also has plans to implement a convenient, no-key system that allows smartphones to open and close doors.

Involving 363 rooms and suites, this bold project was smoothly completed in less than four months. Despite the current situation of the Hungarian construction industry, the prestigious refurbishment project has been carried out continuously without any disruption. The final phase of renewal works will include a new lobby, restaurant, bar and modernized event spaces will welcome guests to this masterfully redesigned hotel on the Danube River in Budapest.

All renovations will complete next year, as the hotel proudly celebrates its 50th overall anniversary and 25th anniversary under the Marriott brand. Constructed by architect Jozsef Finta, the hotel is proud to maintain its local heritage, while adding contemporary renovations that enhance the guest experience.