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Every event needs a clear theme, a theme that will make your event special, and different from other events. Choosing a theme helps people to connect more with the event. When you choose a theme, you have to stick to it through every step of planning: the program, the choice of venue, the marketing activities, must all reflect the theme you have chosen, from the day one.

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Photo credit: Marko Ocepek


Finding the right venue is crucial for a successful event. Finding a venue is actually striking a balance between experience, budget, and emotion, and is indeed a tricky business that requires a bit of a professional’s touch.

Venues have their own souls, and they are important co-creators of the event’s atmosphere and the vibe. When organizing the (pre) New Year’s party you must be careful to book in advance. Way in advance! The good venues can be booked out years in advance. It is very likely to happen that you will have to change your theme because you will not find the right venue on the date that would best suit you.

Photo credit: Union Hotels // Marko Debelo Ocepek


–    How do you want your guests to feel?

Choosing a certain venue style will raise certain emotions in your attendees. Be it cozy, chick, traditional, rock, funky, all-white, glamorous, corporate, traditional etc. you have to choose the venue that is suitable in terms of capacity and comfort that suits the demographics of your guests.

–    What do you want your guests to remember?

Every event organizer’s wish is to create an event, that would leave a mark, and that would create memories. Every event needs a wow moment that the guests will remember – be it food, venue, music… Whatever matters most for the guest memory bank is where the budget should be invested.

–    What do you want the guests to do during and after the event?

When choosing the right venue, you have to take into consideration the comfort and entertainment of your attendees. Will your (pre) New Year’s party be a standing or a sitting event? Will you have a Gala dinner party that will close up with a concert? Or do you prefer to close up the year with a standing party that ends on the dance floor? Will your guests be entertained by an on-stage music band or a DJ? Or maybe you will organize some games that will include and engage your participants? Having a detailed program planned is definitely important for choosing the right venue.

Photo credit: Union Hotels // Marko Ocepek


For many decades, the event premises at the Union Hotels present a perfect venue for hosting the (pre)New Year’s event. To remember all the good that happened in the past year, and to celebrate all that is about to come in the next year, the Grand Union hotel and its most famous halls – the Grand Union Hall and the White Hall –, present a glamorous choice radiating elegance with a touch of a century-old tradition spiced up with outstanding cuisine. The Grand Union Hotel is situated right in the city center and has been for long famous for its balls and special events.

On the other hand, Hotel Lev is a venue appropriate for the more modern and funky celebration; its hall is technically well-equipped and offers top quality sound and lighting system.  The venue can be set up for a hip party or a more elegant gala dinner.

Photo credit: Union Hotels // Marko Ocepek

From the desk of: Ajda Borak