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Gregor Žibret and Blaž Sok, the Concierges of the Grand Hotel Union, are a part of the world-renowned association of hotel concierge `Les Clefs d’Or` since January 2018. On 8th  October 2018, during the 65th Catering and Tourism Association of Catering, Hotels, and Tourism (GTZ)  they received recognition for special achievements at work and contribution to raising the quality of the service

Blaž Sok and Gregor Žibert are the first Concierges in Grand Hotel Union. With complete dedication to providing the highest quality services, they are an indispensable part of the hotel team. With a sense of hospitality, they combine a long tradition of hotel experience with a modern and personalized approach. They are very happy to help with any questions or wishes of the guests. As the only members of Les Clefs d’Or in Slovenia, they bring the priceless knowledge and experiences gained in the prestigious association, to the Grand Hotel Union and the wider Slovenian region.

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About Les Clefs d'Or

Members of the association, whose roots go back to Paris in the year 1929, are easily recognizable by the emblem with golden crossed keys on the collar of their uniforms. Les Clefs d’Or is an international professional association of hotel concierge with approximately 4,000 members, operating in more than 80 countries and 530 destinations.

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