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In mid-October, Maribor – Pohorje Tourist Board announced and presented its new integrated graphics image. The new graphics image hides in the letter O of the name Maribor a magnifying glass that encourages discovering and experiencing the city (Discover & Enjoy). Gradual renewal of the corporate image will run parallel to stories that city’s residents will be creating for tourists, as well as along campaigns on the national level such as the current ‘Two Million reasons Why We Feel Slovenia.’

Maribor is becoming a destination of experiences full of picturesque hills, high-quality food and wine, rhythms of exotic music, and many other hidden Slovenian pearls. This was the basic guideline in creating a new graphic image, which is the work of the advertising agency Aritmija. With a new communication strategy “Discover the Experiences”, Maribor invites its visitors to discover breathtaking views, a heightened pace of city and the intersection where all the routes lead in the right direction. Simultaneously with the development of the communication strategy, the brand has also undergone visual renovation.

Indeed, Maribor is becoming a lot more than a transit destination. For example, in the period between January and August 2018, the number of guests and of overnight stays has increased by 30% comparing to the same period in the previous year.

“Our goal is to challenge the guests to the extent that we encourage them to explore and discover the city. The new brand also relates to the brand name of Slovenia #IfeelSLOVENIA, which is joined by #MYWAY (my way). As we know, Maribor is primarily a place of friendly and accessible and communicative people,” explains Doris Urbančič Windisch, director of the Maribor – Pohorje Tourist Board.

After the adopted brand strategy, work is still under way for tourism workers; new brand will be followed by stories from the culinary, sports, cultural, urban and meetings colours of the Styrian capital.