Photo Credit: Cankarjev dom - CD Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana



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“a grand reception hall”
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“the grand reception hall”
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“the Grand Reception Hall”
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Cankarjev dom – Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana and it Grand Reception Hall are located right in the heart of Ljubljana, with an easy and comfortable access to any of Slovenia’s capital sightseeings as well as important buildings and locations.



One of the finest venues of Cankarjev dom and owing to its soaring ceilings one of the most spacious and brightest halls in Slovenia, the Grand Reception Hall was devised as a convergence point between the City’s green area (Council of Europe Park) and the Republic Square envisioned as the Ljubljana Gateway by the architect Edo Ravnikar.

Photo credit: Conventa
Photo credit: Conventa

Clad in white marble and adorned by splendid metal chandeliers, the photogenic architectural masterpiece takes on diverse characters when transformed by masters of lighting design to suit the mood and function of the event.

Photo credit: Cankarjev dom - Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana

Displaying a prestigious atmosphere, the Hall is a perfect venue for lavish receptions, banquets and a diverse range of exhibitions. Its glittering aesthetic makes it also an ideal ballroom, fashion-show catwalk or a concert and ceremony platform.

Photo credit: Cankarjev dom - Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana

The Hall is 1306 sq.m. in size and it can accept 800 persons for a reception, 550 for a banquet, 100 for the boardroom and 100 for U-shape setting.


Photo credit: Cankarjev dom

The Cankarjev dom Congress Centre’s team cooperates with three catering providers: Jezeršek Catering, Maxi Catering, and Vivo Catering. According to the client’s wishes, the client can either arrange all of the catering with one of these three providers, or the CD staff will do it for them.


Since Cankarjev dom is one of the most important Slovenian cultural centres that bursts at the seams with the offer of arts and culture, there is no need to look for incentive programmes elsewhere. Everything is right there, just a few steps away: concerts, exhibitions, movie festivals, theatre and dance performances, etc.

Photo Credit: Bor Slana


Cankarjev dom (CD – Cankarjev dom Cultural and Congress Centre)

Prešernova cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Telephone: +386 1 2417 122


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