Dominik Stojar

Managing director of Sanfish Catering

Q: What is your favourite thing about working in the catering industry? And what about the most challenging?

Every day you are facing a new challenge. No event is like the other. Customers have different wishes and we try to fulfill them to full satisfaction. This is exactly what makes this job exciting.

Q: What is your company’s food philosophy?

We specialize in fish and seafood. We want to break new ground and surprise our customers with new, innovative products. The focus is clearly on quality and sustainable products. We are also happy to deal with special customer requests.

Q: What are the newest food trends you are seeing in catering in Austria?

It is clearly noticeable to a change in customer behavior. The customer wants freshly prepared products. Our food truck is becoming increasingly popular and guests are looking forward to a new experience.

Q: If you had one weekend to travel anywhere, which city would you dine in?

At the moment, I would travel to Singapore. The city has a colorful mix of cultures. You have the opportunity to get to know many new things.