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The 196 meter high Kamzík TV Tower is the second highest point of Bratislava, and also the symbol and a landmark of the Slovak capital. The television transmission tower sits 437 meters above sea level on the Kamzík hill, the part of the Little Carpathians, overlooking much of the city, within the territory of the Bratislava Forest Park. The tower was designed by architects in 1975.

On the top of the tower, there is an observation deck with a view so wide, that you can not only see the panorama of the whole Slovak capital, but also, when the weather conditions are good and the visibility is good, you can even see the territories of countries boarding with Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and the Czech republic.

To enjoy the view you can have a nice dinner at the Altitude restaurant. The restaurant’s corner sections are rotating, which makes it possible for you to have a 360-degree panoramic view dining.

Altitude Restaurant, at the end of 2014, opened a gallery on its premises in order to provide various artists with the possibility of exhibiting their creations. The gallery is showcasing the quality and a wide range of artistic works including pictures, statues, landscapes, portraits, abstract and surrealistic creations. The collection of exhibit are continuously updated, and is an enriching interlude in the cosmopolitan, artistic surrounding.

The galley can also be set up to host a reception for as much as 110 people, a banquet for up to 80 people, or a standard and cinema sitting layout for 70 delegates. The room is equipped with all the necessary technical support (wi-fi, lightening, flipchart, screen, parking, light shroud).