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Fantastic spaces offer a complete solution for all your education, seminars, conferences and protocol meetings. The premises are located in an easily accessible location, in Stegne, near the Ljubljana ring road. Depending on the number of participants, you can choose between three halls of different sizes:

  • VEGA HALL (cinema layout for 65 participants, school layout for 38 participants)
  • ZOIS HALL (cinema layout for 105 participants, school layout for 48 participants)
  • CONFERENCE HALL (cinema layout for 160 people, school layout for 88 people)
Photo credit: Fantastični prostori

All halls are equipped with modern sound system, microphones (wired and wireless), speaker desk, flipchart board, a powerful projector, computer, and fast wireless connection. The setting of the hall can be adapted to your wishes and needs by the Fantastic Rooms team.

Photo credit: Fantastični prostori

There is also a lobby, a reception desk for reception of guests, a space for placement of promotional material and a wardrobe. They can also cater for catering, which can be customized according to your wishes.


FANTASTIC SPACES (Fantastični prostori)

Address: Stegne 23a, Ljubljana

Telephone: +386 1 500 31 23