Photo credit: Medical Thermal Centre Fontana / Jože Antolin


Everyone needs some good relaxing time. And if this is accompanied with a free medical checkings and/or therapies, even better. Thus, for business people who endure lots of stress, an incentive of a visit of a medical thermal centre logically follows and if the centre is located in a city that is world-renowned for its rich wine tradition and some of the best restaurants in the country, then certainly there is no doubt that the incentive programme of a one of a few day visit to the Medical Thermal Centre Fontana in Slovenian city of Maribor is a dream come true.

Medical Centre

Medical Thermal Centre Fontana in Maribor besides indoor and outdoor pools with 500 square meters comprises also 17 specialised outpatient clinics, supplemented by radiology diagnostics and well-equipped diagnostics laboratory, while the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre provides a wide range of physiotherapy services.

The centre guarantees that guests are treated individually and privately, the result being an accurate representation of an individual’s health condition. The health care programmes include basic preventive examination, basic manager programme, extended manager programme, body styling and weight loss programme.

Photo credit: Medical Thermal Centre Fontana

Photo credit: Medical Thermal Centre Fontana

Thermal Centre

The range of services is completed by a centre for recreation and relaxation, welcoming guests in several indoor and outdoor pools with thermal water, fitness studio, various saunas, massage salons and recreational programmes managed by professionals, i.e. fitness and aerobics. Visitors can bath in thermal water which is especially recommended for diseases of joints, ligaments, muscles, bones, lymph diseases, peripheral nerve lesions, metabolic, gynaecological, psychosomatic diseases, etc. They can also visit sauna or get a massage provided by expert qualified personnel based on various traditions and knowledge from all parts of the world.

Best time of the year: All-year-round
Duration:As agreed
Number of participants:As agreed
Location: Maribor, Slovenia


MEDICAL THERMAL CENTRE FONTANA (Fontana – Medicinsko termalni center)

Koroška cesta 172, SI-2000 Maribor

Medical Centre:

T: +386 2 23 44 102


Thermal Centre:

T: +386 2 23 44 147