Photo credit: Nea Culpa

Petra Stušek, before being re-appointed, presented her vision of the development of Ljubljana tourism during the new mandate. The goal that Ljubljana Tourism aims to achieve by 2024 is to create an effective development model of Ljubljana tourism, which will optimally valorize all the key attributes and potentials of Ljubljana tourism.

In the process of creating a new strategy for the period 2020-2024, Ljubljana Tourism wants to include all the key tourist stakeholders in Ljubljana, with a purpose making the strategy in its final stage a harmonized document of all three stakeholders of tourist interests at the local level: the public, private and civil sectors.

The future of Ljubljana tourism will be based on the current knowledge and developmental specifics of tourism; to develop competitive advantages and to promote systemic solutions in this field; to effectively integrate national, local-regional and entrepreneurial interests in the field of tourism development; promoting global, national and local tourism products, where Slovenia has a recognizable competitive advantage; and on the understanding and implementation of modern methods and techniques of management in the field of strategic planning and targeting of entrepreneurial competitive networks.