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Through the financing from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) »Europe investing in rural areas« the local associations and groups around Selnica ob Dravi and Maribor arranged an educational path on fruit growing. The path, which is around 4,5 kilometers in length, is intended for cyclists and hikers and is called the »Apple Trail«. Walking and cycling along the Apple Trail is suitable for groups as well as for individuals as the trail runs along the flat fields and does not require physical effort. It is perfect for a creative break or incentive programme for business or congress guest to Maribor.

On the trail, the walkers as well as cyclist discover local suppliers (fruit growers, goat farmers, loggers, …). The trail can also include tasting of local products together with being introduced to the local culinary delights. However, the trail’s stops are not exclusively dedicated to orchards and farms, but the visitors also stop by an apiary, an open-air museum in a hayrack, at the wool spinning mill SOVEN, which is one of a kind in the whole Slovenia, and at the Technical museum of the Hydroelectric Power Plant Fala which in 2014 received the award for the protection of the Slovenian heritage, to name a few. The trail provides a delicious, active, fun, and educational trip through tradition and history of the region.

Apples of Selnica

Apple tree is the most common species of fruit tree in Selnica region of Drava Valley and surrounding hills and the locals have been growing them for centuries. Apples from Selnica are very popular among local people and are well-known among visitors and apple traders. On the trail, the walkers and cyclists can stop at different farms and orchards and try their production not just in a form of fresh fruits, but also in a form of dried fruits, jams, marmalades, apple juice, vinegar. The apples that one can meet on the way: Elstar, Gala, Topaz, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, Pinova, Idared, Braeburn, Fuji, and Carjević. Perfect incentive for congress guests who want to stay healthy: biking and, as they say, an apple a day …


Tourist Association Selnica ob Dravi (Turistično društvo Selnica ob Dravi)

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