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Discovering the dusty niches and unspoken stories

In the last week of March 2019, the City of Maribor hosted the Festival of Walks where more than 30 walks were held on the city streets, underground tunnels, and markets. The Festival provided visitors with the stories and legends that make Maribor so special. The Festival of Walks uses the term ‘walks’ as a name for different experiences, guided city tours by locals who live with the city and know its stories; some of them are also professional tourist guides. In the evenings there were studious walks that took place around Maribor through topics on literature, creative tourism, walking, industrial heritage and to Piramida hill set in the middle of the city and overgrown with vineyards.

The Formula One of mountain biking is back!

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In two weekends in April Pohorje Bike Park on Pohorje plateau above Maribor was host to two mountain bike cup competitions. The 0IXS European Downhill Cup 2019 took place on 19–21 April. More than 400 riders from 36 different countries attended. The following weekend, the organisers, the company Marprom and the Pohorje Mountain Bike Association put on an event at the highest level by hosting the 2019 Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup. The event brought together the best world’s athletes who raced down the toughest and the most challenging tracks towards the title of the World Cup Champion. The competition, with 700 individual team members, also referred to as the Formula One of mountain biking, was returning to Maribor after almost 10 years.

Visit to the oldest hydroelectric power plant

Photo credit: Milimeter Studio/Matjaž Wenzel

Photo credit: Milimeter Studio/Matjaž Wenzel

The company Dravske elektrarne Maribor (Maribor Drava Power Plants) manages eight hydroelectric power plants situated on the beautiful river Drava. The oldest hydropower plant in the Slovenian part of the Drava was opened on 6 May 1918 and still operates today. After the renovation it is considered the most modern in the country, without crew and under remote-control supervision. As the power plant is so majestic, interesting and historically important, it is possible to visit it. The guided tour as an incentive lasts two hours and it includes a short film and a tour of the museum part of the plant. In addition, it is possible to test the conversion of various forms of energy into electricity through five exhibits.