Photo: Dean Dubokovič

Oldest European stud farm

Lipica is the oldest European stud farm, which has been continuously breeding one of the oldest cultural horse breeds. As such it is an immensely important part of cultural, historical and natural heritage, both in the Slovenian area and in Europe.

The Lipizzaner is a truly extraordinary horse. The breed’s foremost qualities are the horses’ exceptional strength and beauty, but they are also elegant, agile and highly trainable. It takes some time to earn their trust, but approaching them with positive energy, understanding, and respect will let you establish a lifelong friendship – a friendship that is also the first step in the training process and that represents the foundation for Lipizzaner dressage.

Photo: Dean Dubokovič

During the programme, you will become acquainted with the psychology involved in working with Lipizzaners. You will try to earn the horse’s trust and friendship through positive energy. As a cherry on top, the extraordinary workshop includes lunch in the middle of gorgeous nature, surrounded by a herd of 350 Lipizzaners.

They also have other things available at Lipica to add variety to your event, from a carriage ride, through a tour of the Lipica Riding School, to a tour of the Lipizzaner Museum Lipikum.

Best time of the year:All-year-round
Duration:120 minutes
Number of participants:Min: 2, Max: 50
Location:Lipica, Slovenia
Duration3 hours
- 40 minutes, workshop
- 2.5 hours, tour and lunch at Lipica Stud Farm

Photo: Boris Pretnar


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