At the annual IMEX Tradeshow in Frankfurt, the winner of the 2019 Digital Infrastructure Award was announced. Darmstadtium, Germany has returned to its winning ways this year by securing top spot in the INCON digital infrastructure award, a position it first achieved back in 2014, the inaugural year of the competition.

Lars Wöhler, Managing Director of darmstadtium was overwhelmed. “After receiving the first INCON Digital Infrastructure award in 2014 we are more than happy to receive this prestigious award for the second time. We are trying hard to stay at the edge of ICT technology to offer best possible services for our clients present and their future needs. I am very proud that our efforts in this worldwide competition were recognized by the judging panel. INCON is doing a great job by pushing this important topic within the industry world wide.”

Our Award judge Bob Heile is a global expert in WIFI and digital communications and he tests at first hand the quality of digital communications in venues across the globe. He explains “the award offers an opportunity to showcase venues that have worked really hard to put in place excellent digital infrastructure which permits event planners to deliver even better meetings.”

Patrizia Buongiorno, INCON Co-Chair and VP, AIM Group International remarked: “By giving visibility to the venues that are delivering excellent services, INCON hopes to inspire improvements to digital infrastructure across all venues, which will be valued by delegates, clients, meeting planners and to the broader meetings industry. We are grateful to our steadfast partners: IACC, ICCA, Best Cities, IMEX, Iceberg and Association Meetings International for supporting us promote the award.”

Winning the award is a great opportunity to showcase your venue’s technological capability. The previous award winners: International Convention Centre Sydney, KINTEX, Daejeon Convention Centre, Korea, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Austria Center Vienna, MCEC and Darmstadtium benefited from some impressive opportunities to showcase their venue’s technological capability and secured excellent media coverage.