Photo credit: Lent

In the time of the Lent Festival between the 21st and 29th of June, a congress or business guest to Maribor could easily incorporate attractive festivities to their after-meeting programme. Festival Lent provides for a great opportunity of a pure and unique experience that can have a major impact on meeting success.

The festival venues are just a few minutes’ walk from each other and very quickly one can from any of the venues reach the garden of the Old Vine House where a pleasurable wine tasting of the top-notch Slovenian wines is provided for any wine lover. The programme of wine tasting during the Festival Lent is called Vinsko Lentanje (or, as the closest translation would be: The Wine Lenting).


Photo credit: Lent

Vinsko Lentanje will open every evening at 8pm and will last until 11pm. The rich selection of Slovenian wines will be accompanied with excellent culinary bites. The wine tasting’s added value is that it is happening under the oldest Vine in the world.

In fact, the Old Vine House where the garden for the Vinsko Lentanje is located, is a home to the worldwide attraction and the largest urban landmark of Maribor – the Oldest Vine in the World, certified as being more than 400 years old, and hence, the Guinness record holder for the oldest noble vine in the world still bearing grapes.


Photo credit: Vesna Horvat

The vine, also a protected natural monument, grows at the front of a long solid two-story old townhouse the Old Vine House that at all times, not just in the time of the Lent Festival, provides a wine tasting of excellent wines, and is also a special venue for business events and incentives.