The story of Mjus shoes starts in a small town of Colà di Lazise in the north of Italy. Then, still a young man, driven by his passion, Piero Oliosi started making shoes in a small workshop. Enthusiasm and extreme talent for shoe making were the moving force behind expansion. The shoe business grew and in 1972, the Olip shoe company was founded, later on branching out and developing the Mjus brand.


Orders were coming in and space was running out. Piero knew that sooner or later; he would have to move production. He decided to build a factory in Körmend, Hungary, where it stood for nine years. The use of premium quality leathers, expertise and craftsmanship remained the same, but the need for further expansion kept increasing. While opening new factories all over Europe, they came up with a special plan for the one in Hungary. Piero always wanted to move into the hospitality business, and this was the perfect opportunity. In 2016, on the land where the shoe factory stood, he opened the Mjus World Resort & Thermal Park, stretching across over 100,000 square meters of land. He transferred his passion, grit and dedication to the hotel staff, making sure guests have an unforgettable time in the resort.


Today, as a memory of shoe-making times, a tall chimney remains with its nest for storks, which keep visiting every year. When you look at the stylish interior of the hotel and modern furnishings, you would never think it was once a shoe factory. The only thing giving it away are the high ceilings, which are a nice nostalgic reminder of past times. Once you start learning about the history of Mjus, small details start revealing themselves. The use of leather is very prominent throughout the hotel, from the reception dressed in leather to the leather straps holding up the night stands.

The old chimney and high industrial ceilings aren’t the only thing paying homage to the legacy of the old shoe factory. In the resort, you will also find a shoe shop, selling all of the latest Mjus models. A short stroll past the bowling alley and you are on your way to buying a brand-new pair of shoes. Mjus makes all kinds of shoes, from classy dress shoes and high heels to cool sneakers and sandals. Every shoe is highly detailed, hand-scribed and hand-finished.

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