Photo credit: Tina Ramujkić

Organiser of European Public Health Conference (EPCH)

Elita Zoer, EPH Conference Coordinator

European Public Health Conference (EPHC) provides a place for representatives of public health associations to learn from the latest research and practice and to network with colleagues. The 11th edition, which was held in Cankarjev dom – CD Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana between the 28th of November and the 1st of December 2018, gathered more than 1,600 delegates and was, thus, considered one of the largest conferences in Slovenia in 2018. Elita Zoer, the coordinator of the conference’s organisation, has more than 20 years of experience in the field of congresses. Her company, Elita Zoer Congresmanagement BV has worked for a range of clients on international level, especially for non-profit institutions throughout healthcare, as well as for government and business. The agency has organised and advised in preparation of several EPH conferences besides Ljubljana – Stockholm, Vienna, Milan, and Glasgow.

Elita Zoer - 2nd from the left

Photo credit: EPHC/Elita Zoer

Q: Why did you choose Cankarjev dom as a venue of EPH Conference 2018?

The European Public Health Conference has a partner in Ljubljana (the National Institute of Public Health), and they informed us about this attractive opportunity in Ljubljana. After visiting Cankarjev dom, the team decided that this building would be suitable for the size of this particular annual conference.

Q: What has amazed you the most about Cankarjev dom?

  1. The suitable location near the city centre, only a short distance away by foot. Great!
  2. The policy of greening the city.
  3. The city and Cankarjev dom are exceptionally well-maintained.
  4. The costs are very reasonable.

Q: When preparing the conference, what do you look for in the venue and have you found that at Cankarjev dom?

The EPH Conference needs a lot of rooms for the format of its conference. After some reflection, EPCH was able to fit into the venue.

Q: What about the services that the venue provided – did they meet your expectations?

The service was excellent, the staff is very dedicated.

Q: Would you recommend Cankarjev dom to others and why?

We would really recommend CD to others. Why? See our comment, especially under 2).