We always organise events with heaps of passion and dedication.

We often forget that our responsibility is much wider, as we also have to keep the reputation of our brand in mind. An event can only strengthen the brand if all its segments align with the identity of the brand. A lot more goes into building a trademark than just having a unified visual image.

Taking us deep into the field of branding will be two renowned Slovenian experts, dr. Andrej Pompe from Formitas BBDO Pleon and Uroš Goričan from ArnoldVuga. We will venture outside of the main conference venue and embark on a Content Journey to a special venue in Ljubljana.


Andrej Pompe


Uroš Goričan

Andrej Pompe is a communications expert, as well as an excellent musician. He co-founded the Formitas BBDO Pleon agency in 1991, taking on the role of creative director. In the last couple of years, he has been helping solve the toughest strategic communication questions. Andrej is also the director and the spirit of international business school BrandBusinessSchool. He will be sharing his diverse experience on Thursday, 29 August 2019.

Uroš Goričan has over 15 years of experience in marketing, branding and content production. Having previously worked as a copywriter and creative director, he is currently executive creative director at ArnoldVuga+. He is also a screenwriter and producer for TV, web and mobile content and has experience in the media industry. Uroš is currently developing different content formats for brands and will teach us how the ecosystem of events can be integrated.

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Join the Crossover Conference in Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana

Do not miss the unique opportunity to socialize with the stars of the Crossover conference.

We recommend the lecture to all creatives and event organisers, and especially to event architects, project managers and event buyers, as well as to marketing creatives of all levels.

The event brings exceptional content, a great opportunity for networking as well as new inspirations and ideas for your projects.

See you there!

Event Principle: Creative use of space

Classical conference hall set-ups can be the first obstacle when trying to create a pleasant and creativity-boosting atmosphere. Event venues have to impress at first sight and it usually doesn’t take a lot of effort to transform a completely boring meeting hall into a living room where everyone feels welcome.