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Feel The Power Of Nature

The Ural forests are magical and it is no surprise that they inspired the writer Pavel Bazhov, who wrote marvellous fairy tales about the Copper Mountain Queen. His stories described the Ural nature, the simplicity of humans and the secrets of life, hidden in the forests.


Pine trees and slender birches prevail in the stunning Ural forests. The natural park Bazhovkoe palace is ideal for getting to know the pristine Ural nature. The park was established in 2007 and is located in the town of Sysret around 40 kilometres from Yekaterinburg. If you are lucky enough, a sympathetic park ranger will guide you through the park and tell you stories about the flora and fauna. Did you know that beavers are monogamous animals and that bears have a great memory? Can you tell the age of pine trees or separate between different types of minerals and tell the difference between a Malachite and Jantar? An extremely educational and pleasant walk through the park is also connected with the story of maintaining the natural balance in an otherwise industrial region.

Wow factorYou will feel the power of nature and get acquainted with some of the park’s secrets in the Summer and Winter.
Incentive type  Active and Natural experience
Best time of the year All year round
Number of participantsMinimum: 5
Maximum: 20
Duration (in hours)3 – 6 hours
Location Sysret, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Hotel recommendation Hyatt Regency, Yekaterinburg

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