Photo: Papilonia


A wondrous world recently opened its doors in Bratislava. Papilonia is home to hundreds of the world’s most beautiful butterflies. The interactive exhibition can be a unique incentive idea as attendees learn about the fascinating world of butterflies.

Photo: Papilonia

From Amazonia to sub-Sahara

The exhibition, titled Papilonia, includes butterflies from across the world. Visitors can admire species from the lush rainforests in Amazonia to butterflies from the arid deserts of sub-Sahara. Attendees will learn how a butterfly hatches from an egg to a caterpillar and how an adult butterfly hatches from its cocoon. One of the exhibitions is also inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Photo: Papilonia

The unique Papilonia Bratislava is part of the Wonderlands complex in the centre of Bratislava, where event organisers can also organise a refreshing stop at a café serving sweet desserts and original beverages. Papilonia is a world of wonder where guests learn about their multi-coloured lives.

In the centre of Bratislava, the conditions for butterflies resemble rainforests, with temperatures reaching 27 °C and 75% air humidity. Guests will also see the largest butterfly in the world, Attacus atlas.

Wow factorButterfly world in the heart of Bratislava
Incentive type  Active experience
Number of participants  Between 5 and 10
Best time of the yearThroughout the year
Duration1 – 2 hours
Location Bratislava, Slovakia

Get in touch

Ventúrska 277/16
Bratislava, Slovenia

T: +421 948 870 758

Implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Slovak Republic.

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