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Madlenianum Opera and Theatre - Special Venue suitable for Every Taste

Madlenianum Opera and Theatre was founded in 1998 as the first private opera in this part of Europe. The founder and the donor of Madlenianum is Mrs. Madlena Zepter, whose investments in culture and art represent the largest personal benefactor deed in this domain, not only in our country, but also in the European range in general. It offers many spaces to rent for different occasions.

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The Large Hall capacity up to 504 seats. The space consist of the parquet with 442 seats and 14 boxes with 62 seats on the balcony. The Large Hall is designed in accordance with the highest requirements of the utmost comforts and technology of a modern theatre, and can also satisfy other purposes. The Large Hall is characterized by an exceptional functionality and style and is one of the most acoustic halls in Belgrade.

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Bel Etage is a multipurpose stage, club, exibition, concert and conference space of 500 m2. Bel Etage is suitable for organization of concerts, presentations, cocktails and other programs of a combined business-entertainment type. Bel Etage is equipped with a system for reception and broadcast of TV programs, so that this space enables live broadcast and transmission of press conferences, parties, fashion shows and similar. Bel Etage space is also provided with installations fir simultaneous translations, along with an audio system  that support musical-stage and multimedia programs.

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Madlenianum Foyer represents a space of 420 m2, accomodating coffee bar and audience cloakroom. Foyer capacity up to 400 visitors. Foayer is appropriate for organizing of smaller concerts, presentations, exhibitions, cocktails, fashion shows and other manifestations of open or experimental forms, and, together wiht access square, provides good conditions for an exclusive representation of companies of individuals.

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Studio Hall represents a scpace of 250 m2, with 160 seats. Together with the Sifnios Hall it makes a separate block on the second floor. Studio Hall is foreseen for a smaller atristic production and studio performances, workshops, seminars and combined  happenings,  and together with the Sifnios Hall offers a possibility to work in section.The stage lighting system and a portable audio system support realization of smaller musical stage program, as well as TV recordings for theatre, film or commercials and for reproduction of theatre effects for the need of multimedia presentations. In the Studio Hall there has been installed a system for receiveing  and broadcasting TV programs.

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Sifnios Hall, the space of 100 m2, is located on the second floor, in a separate block of building. The room is primarily intended for educational ballet work, but can also be used for other  commercial puproses, with its capacity of up to 50 seats. The Sifnios Hall can be leased together with the Studio Hall or separately, as an auxiliary or independent space, which can serve for meetings, comined events, plenary sessions, workshops and master classes.

Beside all of those spaces, the Madlenianum also has a small Meeting Hall and a VIP Lounge.

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