Cycling through time

If you want to experience the city of Szombathely, the seat of Vas County and its surroundings, the best option is to do it on two wheels. If you have a few days off, you can see some of the key attractions of the town by cycling along small streams, low-traffic streets and proper biking routes. Start your journey from the main square: a short circle on your bike will take you to most of the sights in the central area and you will enjoy a great sightseeing ride.

Here are some cycling tours we recommend:

Szombathely Main Square

A wine route on two wheels

It is an easy circle tour through vineyards and wine cellars that offers breathtaking views of the nearby mountains. You will stop to look at the remains of an ancient Roman aqueduct, an iron curtain memorial site and most importantly, taste some excellent Hungarian wine in Sándor’s tavern.

In the footsteps of the Avars

This historically themed tour will explain the impact of the Avars in the region. You will stop to visit a museum dedicated to the Avar period, showcasing findings excavated from an early mediaeval cemetery, as well as weapons, personal belongings and pieces of clothing of Avar people.

Cycling to the Forest Park

This is the most relaxed tour, taking you to The Forest Park, a unique leisure area offering a wide range of sporting activities. It’s around 3 kilometers away from Szombathely.

Wow factorThe fastest way to learn about a new city? Joining a thematic cycling tour.
Incentive type  Active experience
Best time of the year 1st of April to 31st of October
Location Szombathely, Hungary
Where to stay Why not add some relaxation and pampering to your trip. If you’re planning to stay in the interesting region of Western Hungary for longer, we recommend staying in Mjus World Resort & Thermal Park, located in the region of the Raba river, at the junction of three countries, only a few tens of kilometers from Austria and Slovenia.

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