Over time, more speakers started using Slido but the product wasn’t well-suited to their needs. Early this year, a team was put together with a singular, clear goal — make it easy for presenters to create a dialogue with their audience.

Whether presenting to a team, in front of a class or running a training session, the Google Slides add-on allows speakers to create and run polls and live Q&A within their presentation. Live polls and Q&A display automatically upon reaching their dedicated slide while the audience can instantly vote from their devices.


Slido CEO Peter Komornik concludes: “We have always believed that technology needs to be invisible in order to bring value to users. During the development of Slido for Google Slides, we followed this mantra. The result is an integration that makes the use of Slido with Google Slides frictionless. We use the integration at our internal meetings, and we can’t imagine facilitating them without it anymore.”