The unique charm of a vineyard with a great view

Polz Garden South Styria is a hidden gem with its wealth of flowers and the scent of herbs, the unique charm of a vineyard with a great view of the softly rolling hills, meadows and woods all around. It is an idyllic place, enclosed yet open to the outer world. Go on a tour of precious gardens that are a highlight of their own, which have been cultivated over the years with lots of love, strength and experience to turn it into a true natural jewel. Taste the wines from the grapevines cultivated here, feel their origin, and enjoy the passion of local viticulture with all of your senses.

Discover the world of plants and their special flair and charm. The Südsteiermark Gardens is open from April to November.


Back to the old ways of making preserves, always with an eye to a healthy diet. Industrial processes and artificial additives tend to be irritating and confusing. Discover the taste of wild orchards, rare vegetables, and diverse herbs and blossoms. Enjoy and find your inner self to stay in balance. The garden shop also offers antiques and flee market objects with patina.


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Polz Garden South Styria
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